VitalAktiv & VitalPrevent (Vital A & P) deactivate mold and the associated allergens, both on the wall (and ceiling) as from the air. So far there are no known micro-organisms which are not addressed by Vital A & P. Because of the good material tolerance building parts are not adversely affected.

After applying Vital A & P are completely harmless to the human organism. The products therefore can be applied in all living areas, also in the kitchen and children’s room, without any problems. The spaces are immediately employable after treatment.

Vital A & P have a high disinfecting potential and are not toxic, they break down itself after processing into the original content substances which are present in the water. Contaminated carpets and other materials may be removed with the garbage after treatment.

To protect itself from an elevated tracks in the application of Vital A & P personal protection measures are necessary, such as overall and mouth mask.

  • application possible in all rooms
  • environmentally friendly and completely free of residues
  • harmless to health
  • short ramp-up and disinfection operation
  • deactivates long-term all known fungi and their allergens
  • no residue-buildup
  • saves building parts
  • no danger according to 89/542/EWG
  • dermatologically tested and rated as “very good”