No chance for mold! ThermoVital reduces the risk of mold without danger of fungicidal additives

One-two-three … mold-free!

Keep control over fungus with the ThermoVital system!

Why fungi are so dangerous:
Mildew stains on the wall not only look ugly, they are especially a health hazard. Already small amounts of mold spores can trigger allergic reactions, larger quantities can damage organisms.To be able to grow fungi need food and moisture. Since buildings offer nutrients in good or less good shape, moisture becomes extremely decisive. The temperature and pH-value play a smaller role, since fungi may grow in a very wide temperature and pH range.

The surface-active interior finish contains tiny small ceramic bubbles (Microspheres) and this creates a thermoceramic membrane after application. During the summer the membrane takes the excess moisture from the air, stores it and compensates the drier room air at a later stage with this moisture (Entropy principle). This results in evaporation coolness which both cools the wall surfaces, as well as lowers the high room temperatures.

In winter when there’s low humidity the thermoceramic coating takes heat energy and divides this evenly in its membrane without passing it to the wall behind it (SF-technology *). The increased surface temperature now provides a reflection of energy in the short-wave infrared range (IR-reflection). Convection currents and thermal bridges are minimized and avoid dust movement and the formation of mould. As a result – even for people with an allergy or asthma – a pleasant indoor climate is created. Throughout the year, the coating ensures, due to its physical properties, a relative humidity of app. 55%. In general this is considered as most pleasant.

The coating contains no semi-volatile organic compounds such as plasticizers, organic solvents or isothiazolinones. During or after processing, no harmful health or allergy irritant particles or fumes are released.

  • reduces the risk of mould formation
  • variable vapor-open
  • moisturizes
  • reduces the negative effects of thermal bridges
  • improves the interior hygiene
  • works thermal snugly
  • contains no harmful or allergy-stimulating substances
  • is free of antifungal additions