1.Good Climate in Office Environment

IndustrySpecial Finishing can make a positive contribution. While working and during breaks the stay at pleasant air-conditioned office units offers relaxation for the attendees. At any time of the year – in winter, no overly harsh cold and in summer a pleasant interior climate despite high outside temperatures.

2.Reliability around the Railroad Track

Switch and relay cabinets with sensitive technique which are used outside are subject to extremely high temperatures in summer. With the use of IndustrySpecial they are protected, the temperatures in the cabinets drop and reliable functioning is guaranteed.

3.Good Indoor Temperatures in Mobile Shelters

In order to be able to withstand fluctuations in all geographic regions, canvas is treated with IndustrySpecial. On such an easy way, pleasant temperatures are achieved inside the tent both in summer and in winter.

4.Industry Special Acoustic Sets the Right Tone

Resonance in a room comes on several reflection surfaces such as floor, ceiling and walls. This causes sound reflections and reverberation. In order to be able to understand the spoken words clearly, acoustic sounds have to fall silent as soon as possible. The treatment of special acoustic elements for wall and ceiling with ClimateActivePaint IndustrySpecial Acoustic helps the interior acoustics. The exclusive application on ceiling tiles has already been issued worldwide.

5.Minimize Inventory Losses

IndustrySpecial SILOTANK prevents temperature fluctuations. The usual overpressure of the tank capacity, accompanied by material losses, is avoided.